Friday, December 16, 2005

Far and Away

Wow i don't know how can i express myself about that wonderful movie which start by the handsome
Tom cruise and the pretty woman nicole kidman
It's an old movie, and i watched it 2 years ago, and since then i started to look for it till this last week
I've finally found it
It's a story about a man called Josef whose the only goal in his life is to get his own land after the loose of his father's, but first he want to
take avange from the man who take it from them, but he failed so he was arrested by Cristy's family, then Shannon (the pretty woman)suggest
on him to go to USA as her slave so he'll get his freedom, and once they got there i mean in USA a thief take all what Shannon have,so
she becomes brooken of money and the only solution was Josef
josef work as fighter , and he hadn't been beaten till a day by an Italian and he was thrown away with shannon from the hotel so no job , no money , no house
I should not be boring and tell u all the details take pain to watch this movie or watch it again, it's availabe in here ;) but you'll be supposed to pay the delivery fees